Biblical Truths

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The Reprobate Mind –  “The words of the Preacher, the son of David …”

Finding New Life in Christ  –  “It’s the New Year… out with the old …”

Keeping the LORD’s Day Holy  –  “Upon the completion of rebuilding the wall …”

The True Source of JOY  –  “Everyone longs for peace and contentment … “

The Fountain of Life  –  “The search for a Fountain of Youth …”

Faith or Works  –  “In Paul’s letter to the churches of Galatia … “

“Social Justice” – A Positive or Negative  –  “The truth about social justice is … “

Rejected by God  –  “God’s Word is plain as to what displeases Him … “

King Solomon and His Many Wives –  “It is true King Solomon had seven hundred …”

Lame Excuses  –  “Since the dawn of time man has proclaimed … “

The Cure for Depression  –  “David’s life began as a young shepherd boy … “

God IS Love  –  “The most beloved verse in all of Scripture … “

The True ROCK  –  “In the closing days of Moses’ life … “

No Other Gods –  “As the Children of Israel prepared to enter … “

Making a Name – “When those living near Babylon wanted to make a name … “

Why So Many Denominations“In his classic book, ‘The Trail of Blood,’ … “

Preparing for Eternity“The coming eclipse of the moon passing before … “

God’s Instructions to His Children “As the Children of Israel wandered … “

Darkness –  “The earth was without form, and void … “

A Seed Is Planted –  “The Parable of the Seed and the Sower Jesus taught … “

Recognizable Proofs of GOD “The Nation of Israel is proof of God’s …”

Thou Shalt Not Raise a False Report –  “In Exodus 20 of the Holy Scriptures … “

Straining at Gnats, Swallowing Camels –  “As Jesus spoke to His disciples …”

A Virtuous Woman vs. A Godless Woman“The virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 … “

I Can See Clearly Now “A familiar verse found in Psalm 119:105 …”

Thou Shalt Not Covet – “The sin of coveting was first committed …”

Baptismal Regeneration“In Jesus’ final words to His disciples …”

To Stand Faultless Before the Throne –  “As it is appointed unto man once to die …”

Deliverance – “As Moses stood before the burning bush …”

The Salvation of Isaiah“It was in the year King Uzziah died …”

THE UNGODLY“The Lord knoweth how to deliver …”

JESUS, Our High Priest“In the wilderness God gave Moses …”

Think on These Things –  “As the New Year begins …”

JESUS – The Perfect Lamb  –  “And there were in the same country …”

By Faith or By Works  – “Throughout the Old Testament and …”

God Be Merciful“God be merciful unto us …”

Turn from Darkness  –  “As the Apostle Paul stood before …”

America in Bible Prophecy“There has been a search on for years …”

Hope Thou in GOD “The world seems hopeless, and it is …”

Look and Live “Once again the Children of Israel were taking …”

A Desire to Hear “As Jesus began to preach in the synagogues …”

Who is a Saint?“Contrary to popular belief it is not man …”

Seeing is Not Believing  – “The Pharisees asked for a sign …”

The Path to Revival“The Temple in Jerusalem was once again …”

In Times Like These “In times like these, we need a Savior …”

Saved From What? –  “Sirs, what must I do to be saved? …” 

Loss of Conscience-ness  –  “No one likes to have a guilty conscience …”

Answers to Life’s Questions  –  “Everyone is confronted with trying to answer …”

Fret Not Thyself –  “In Psalm 37 of the Holy Scriptures …” 

God is Not Pleased With Many  –  “In the Apostle Paul’s first letter …”

Salvation in the Old Testament“As the Prophet Ezekiel endured captivity …”

He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions“He was wounded for our …”

JESUS is the Seeker “In recent decades churches across America …”

Peace In Our Time“It was Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister …”

What is Truth? –  “Man has been in search of Truth since …”

The LAW of the LORD  – “The LAW of the LORD is perfect – Converting the Soul  …”

Being Weighed in the Balance“Many have the mistaken belief …”

How to Receive a Free Gift “Who doesn’t like to receive a free gift …”

Living Under a Strong Delusion, Believing Lies“The Apostle John wrote …”

Why Do the Heathen Rage?“Why do the heathen rage, and the people …”

Standing Against the Wiles of the Devil “The battle is raging, and has been …”

The Great “I Am”“A man who promotes himself as a preacher has written …”

He Who Sustains the Whole Earth“In man’s vile attempts to proclaim mankind alone …”

Reading to Understand“How many of us open a book, flip through its pages …”

Chosen By God“God chose Adam to care for His garden …”

The Future of a Nation that Forgets God “God is longsuffering but there is an end …”

Salvation in the Old Testament“Before the coming of Christ and His death …”

The Foolishness of Man “The fool has said in his heart there is no God …”

The Ark of Salvation“Noah preached to the population around him …”

When God’s Judgment Falls“Many instances are given in Scripture …”

False Christs“In Jesus’ final message delivered to His disciples …”

Husband of One Wife“It was Abraham who was first recorded in Scripture …”

Planted for the Resurrection“It is recorded in Scripture Abraham, his wife Sarah …”

The Much Mores“As Jesus was teaching His disciples the Beatitudes …”

Reaping What’s Been Sown “As America celebrates another Memorial Day …”

No Sin Preached, No Revival“It has been the prayer of many for decades …”

Blessings & Cursings“The LORD has written in His Word the blessings …”

Desiring a King“It was in the sovereignty of God that the Children of Israel …”

All Things Work Together“When the storms of life come it is comforting to know …”

Keeping a Promise“A whole chapter of the Bible is devoted to keeping one’s promise …”

Angels, Angels, Angels –  “There was rebellion in Heaven …”

The Relevancy of Scripture“There are those who say God’s Word is not relevant …”

Deliverance“Throughout Scripture God always delivered His Children …”

Three In One –  “Understanding the doctrine of the Trinity is difficult for most people …”

Where God Dwells –  “Scripture gives us all the answers to life’s questions …”

The Life Beyond “For all who enter this world, death awaits …”

All We Like Sheep“Jesus refers to Himself in Scripture as the Good Shepherd …”

As Many As Received“As Jesus walked the dusty trails  of Judea, many came to Him …”

God Is In the Details“There are those who say God created the world and all within it …”

The Acceptable Offering“The boys had grown into manhood …”

Back to Babel“It was only a mere 100 years since Noah and his family had stepped off …”

God’s Promise for the New Year“As the new year approaches …”

Thankful in All Things“Thankfulness in Scripture is resplendent throughout …”

Man’s Creation vs. God’s Creation“Man is desperately working to create a being …”

Righteousness Exalts a Nation“Scripture is filled with the history of nations …”

Baptism – Identifying with Christ“Times were changing. The old was being replaced …”

No Admittance“Moses had led the Children of Israel in the wilderness …”

A Personal Relationship“There are those who view God as a distant figure …”

Miracles “Jesus performed a multitude of miracles …”

Sin in the Camp “The walls of Jericho had fallen …”

Finding Faith“These Scriptures point out our sinfulness …”

Man Left to His Own Devices“All around us we see the effects of a nation …”

Hath God Said?“It is as old as the Garden of Eden …”

Fulfilling the Law“It is universally known it is impossible to keep …”

New Every Morning“In the Garden of Eden God told Adam and Eve …”

They Shall Know“There is an oft repeated phrase that many fail …”

Without Excuse“Look around… what do you see? …”

The Good News of the Gospel“What is the Gospel? …”

You Must Be Born Again“A ruler of the Jews came to Jesus …”


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