2 SAMUEL – Book of “David on the Throne”

Key Verse:  2 Samuel 5:4, “David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and                        he reigned  forty years.” 

David Mourns Saul & Jonathan’s DeathChapter 1

David Becomes KingChapter 2

War Between House of David & House of SaulChapters 3-5

David Brings Ark of the Covenant to JerusalemChapter 6

David Desires to Build House for God – Chapter 7

Establishment of David’s Kingdom – Chapters 8-10

David’s Great Sin – Chapter 11

David Repents – Chapter 12

Sin in David’s House – Chapters 13-14

Absalom Takes the Kingdom – Chapters 15-18

Absalom Dies – Chapter 18

David Returns as King to Jerusalem – Chapter 19

Trouble in the Land – Chapters 20-21

David’s Song – Chapter 22

Last Words of David – Chapter 23

David’s Buys Threshing Floor – Chapter 24



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