Reading to Understand

How many of us open a book, flip through its pages, reading a sentence here and there? We wouldn’t do it with any book we pull off the library shelf, yet we do it with God’s Holy Book, The Bible. Reading a verse here, a verse there from the Old Testament and/or New, then closing the Bible and remarking how it is so difficult to understand. Surely any book read that way would not make sense to anyone.

God’s Word is just like any other book in respect to meaning to be read from the beginning to its end in order. Each page of Scripture connects to the previous page, each chapter connecting to the previous chapter. The sixty-six individual Books contained in Scripture fit together like a puzzle revealing God and HIS desire for mankind to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth for Who HE Is.

In order to understand the Bible it is imperative to read the first five books, Genesis to Deuteronomy. Those books are the foundation upon which the remaining books of Scripture rest. Each of the books that follow reference back to the writings of Moses set down from Creation to the Children of Israel’s imminent entrance into the Promised Land. Even the Book of Leviticus is important to be read with all the laws of God written out for His Children to live an abundant life in the land He had chosen for them.

In reading all the Books of the Old Testament it is revealed how sinful man truly is and how each person is in need of the Savior. The New Testament opens with the birth of Christ, His life, death, burial and resurrection written from the perspectives of four different authors who were contemporaries of Christ. Many utterances Jesus makes in the Gospels refer back to Old Testament people and events the reader needs to be familiar with to understand His words, especially His words pertaining to placing their trust in HIM as God’s Only Begotten Son sent to be the Redeemer of all who call upon His Name.

It is man that makes the Bible hard to understand in how he approaches the Scriptures. With God all things are done decently and in order. It is Satan who is the author of confusion, especially attempting to confuse man concerning God’s Word, one of his chiefest ploys to keep man from placing his total faith and trust in the Only ONE who is able to bring him into a right relationship with God.

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God…

for instruction in righteousness.”

II Timothy 3:16


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