Seasons of Life

The words of the Preacher, the son of David, tell us in the Book of Ecclesiastes there are seasons in life. King Solomon wrote there is a time to laugh; there is a time to weep. There is a time to plant; there is a time to reap. There is a time to speak; there is a time to keep silent. One’s life consists of seasons of life not only in day-to-day activities but in a lifetime of living.

As newborn babes we are born into a season of complete dependence on another for life. There is nothing we can do for ourselves except cry, smile and coo. If it were not for the loving care of others we would die.

As we continue to age we become children who enter into a season of learning and growing. Everything around us is intriguing and mystifying, bringing questions of “why,” “what’s that” and “how come.” We look forward to getting older and growing stronger.

Entering into young adulthood finds us in a season of marriage, establishing a home and raising children. Life’s biggest decisions confront us as we ground ourselves where God has put us, looking out for the welfare of our household above all others.

Middle-age comes when careers are established and the training of the next generation takes place. Mentoring opportunities present themselves, as a desire to pass a legacy on to those who come behind remind us life is short, even as a vapor.

In the retirement years the successes of a life well-lived are enjoyed and thoughts of eternity become more focused. Contemplation of one’s lifespan become sharper and regrets or rejoicing are needed to be determined before leaving this world.

To every thing there is a season, but in every season of life thoughts of our Creator should permeate our lives and the sin that so easily besets us should be dealt with by accepting the forgiveness found in Christ (Hebrews 12:1-2). Not a day should go by that thoughts of the Savior should not enter our minds, for without Him we are lost and without hope in this life and the Life to come.



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