DNA Disproves Mormonism

In the 21st century Mormon scientists have taken DNA and much to their surprise have found discrepancies in a key Mormon doctrine that is foundational to their beliefs. This video by those scientists calls into question Joseph Smith and his claims that brought about the Latter Day Saints movement. These scientists are now rethinking their faith.


3 thoughts on “DNA Disproves Mormonism

    1. No discussion needed here. The video speaks for itself. The scientists are clearly labeled on the video which is where any discussion should be directed.

  1. This topic is years old and much has come to be known since this antiquated and biased video was created. This is marketed by age old propagandists against the LDS. It disregards fundamental issues concerning the effects of a dynamically changing background population on the gene pool migrating from the MidEast to and through this hemisphere. American Indians cannot today be treated homogeneously .


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