Signs of the Times

Just as we begin to see the signs of Spring, there are signs all around of the Lord’s return. Many of the signs of His Coming can be found on the front pages of our newspapers concerning the following:

1. ISRAEL, a Nation Reborn in One Day, May 15, 1948 – (Isaiah 66:8-10)

2. Nations are Rising Against Nations – (Matthew 24:7)

3. Wars & Rumors of Wars – (Matthew 24:6)

4. All Nations are Coming Against Israel – (Zechariah 12:4)

5. Attempts are Being Made to Divide the Land of Israel – (Joel 3:1-2)

6. Knowledge is Increasing Exponentially – (Daniel 12:4)

7. People are Running To & Fro Upon the Earth – (Daniel 12:4)

8. Gospel is Able to Reach Into All the World Through the Internet – (Matthew 24:14)

9. Earthquakes Occurring in Many Places w/Greater Frequency & Intensity – (Matthew 24:7)

10. Persecution of Christians Worldwide is Growing – (II Timothy 3:12)

11. Iniquity (SIN) Abounds – (Matthew 24:12)

12. People Love Pleasure (entertainment) – (II Timothy 3:4)

13. Ability for the Mark of the Beast to Come About via Technology – (Revelation 13:16)

14. Man’s Ability to Destroy the Earth w/Nuclear Weapons – (Matthew 24:22)

15. World is Upside Down – (Ecclesiastes 10:7)

16. Disobedience to Parents – (II Timothy 3:2)

17. Despise Those That are Good – (II Timothy 3:3)

18. Truth of God has been Turned into a Lie (evolution) – (Romans 1:25)

19. Worship of the Creature More Than the Creator – (Romans 1:25)

20. Euphrates River Drying Up – (Revelation 16:12)

Jesus tells us in Matthew 24, “When you shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors… This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” We are the generation seeing all these things come about, especially the most important, the rebirth of Israel, which has never happened to any other nation in the history of the world. Jesus continues in Luke 21, “When these things begin to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

Be ready,
for in such an hour as you think not
the Son of Man cometh!


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