How Well Do You Know Your Church

Take a look around this Sunday. Notice the center aisle if your church has one. As the pastor stands to preach and looks out on the congregation, he sees a picture of the cross as the aisle splits behind the pews and also continues on to the main door that exits out into the world.

As your attention is drawn to the church doors, notice some church doors are red in color signifying both the blood of the Passover lamb painted on the doorposts and the Blood of Christ shed for our sins. Also, red doors have been a designation of a sanctuary where anyone could be safe from danger.

As you enter the sanctuary, or “holy place,” the ceiling of a cathedral-type church with a wooden roof is built to look like the hull of a ship, bearing God’s people through the storms of life and providing His salvation to those who will enter the Ark.

Interestingly, the platform at the front of the church upon which the pulpit stands is designated the bema. The Bema Seat found in Scripture refers to the Judgment Seat of Christ where those who have trusted Christ as Savior will receive the rewards of their labor for Him during their earthly existence.

Most important upon the bema, or platform, is the pulpit, the largest piece of church furniture. Many modern day churches have done away with the large wooden pulpits, opting for the skinnier less noticeable lectern. But those larger than life pulpits hold great significance, in that they signify the importance of God’s Word in the life of the church. It is from the pulpit the Truths of Scripture are expounded upon and imparted unto the congregation inviting them to come into a right relationship with God, restoring the broken fellowship in the Garden.

The large pulpit is also a picture of how small man is when he stands behind it in relation to the greatness of God, as does the larger than life doors found on the front of many churches. How well does your church say to the world, “How Great Thou Art?”


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