Evolution vs. God

Ray Comfort takes his microphone onto the college campus interviewing students and professors alike concerning their belief in the theory of evolution. You will be amazed at their responses and conclusions when presented with Biblical Truth.


5 thoughts on “Evolution vs. God

    1. No, Ray Comfort shows the foolishness of evolution with this video. Notice those he interviews continue in conversation with him until the very end, and for some the possibility of the Creator God begins to dawn upon their thinking. Ray is very kind to these individuals as he seeks to help them see their faith in evolution has them on the path to destruction when he desires they be on the path to everlasting life with the One who created them.

      1. He asks questions that I, who am not an expert, know the answer to and can easily answer, and pretends experts have no answer to them. This is an old tactic and politicians use it all the time to reinvent the truth. And evolution doesn’t have anything to do with there being or not being a god. Darwin assumed there was one and talked about god in Origin Of Species, mostly about our arrogance at pretending to understand how he created the universe and life.

      2. That’s not arrogance, that’s Genesis chapter One. Clearly, Darwin’s god was not the God of the Bible, for if it was he would have understood the Truth of the origins of life.

      3. Neither genesis 1 (nor genesis 2, a separate and conflicting text) explains how life or anything else was created, just that it was. And if you take genesis 1 or 2 literally you have to abandon most of what we know about nature.

        As for darwin’s god, it was not the god of the bible, at least not necessarily. He believed there was a creator but would not make claims about the creator.

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